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Well, Ain't This Just the Best (of Savannah)?

Updated: May 27, 2019

connect best of savannah 2019 jessica leigh lebos local author

Lawd, lawd, lookee here.

I'm honored to have been voted "Best Local Author" by the readers of Connect Savannah, and even more so to have been interviewed by my former colleague Rachael Flora (I remember when you were an intern, gurl!) Read Rachael's verrrry professional article here.

It's amazing to be included in the group above with badass roller derby queen Best Local Athlete Ally BamBam Shakes of the Savannah Derby Devils, Best Savannahian (and Best Liberal!) Travis Coles, Best Yoga Instructor Jenny Butcher (who embodies strength and serenity at Dancing Dogs Yoga) and Green Truck Pub's Josh Yates, who makes the BEST burgers in town, both grass-fed and animal-free (on a gluten-free bun, yasss.)

Of course, what this cover thing has also meant is that I've had to see my own face peering out at me all week long when I go to the coffeeshop and the health food store, and it's pretty weird.

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